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Lachlan & Kelly’s Real Weddings | Fortnums

While most people prefer to get married, then have kids. Lachlan & Kelly’s story is quite the opposite. Having 5 kids between themselves. One could easily argue that nobody would have time for romance & wedding. Point made and it would be correct in many cases. But nothing could be […]

Liam & Marisa Wedding Photography | Melbourne Zoo

Eleven years is a long time. Long enough to know any person from inside out. Enough to fall in love with that person. And enough to realize they can’t live without each other. But who would wait 11 years to say “I do”? Unless you’re too busy enjoy each other […]

Aaron & Gemma’s Wedding | The Willows

I had the pleasure of shooting Aaron and Gemma’s  pre-wedding shoot so I loved going over the photos of their wedding and this memorable couple.

While Gemma and her bridesmaids were getting ready and celebrated being organised with a cheeky glass of champagne Aaron was busy scribbling out […]

Mick & Thida’s Wedding Photography | Lyrebird Falls

Get ready for the ride, because this photographic journey has certainly got some twists and turns!

I’ve had the honour of being best friends with Mick for a number of years now and when he asked me to be his wedding photographer there was no hesitation but to jump at the […]

Travis & Rahil – A Persian Wedding in Melbourne

Sometimes I like to ask couples “Was it love at first sight?”

Travis “Yes”

Rahil “….. not quite….”

Travis was enamoured by Rahil, although she didn’t quite reciprocate his feelings at first, she was quickly won over with his grand gestures and devotion to her. One adorable story they shared was dated prior […]

Kevin & Emily’s Real Weddings | Melbourne Zoo

This is a simple love story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who took it upon herself to explore the world. She wanted to learn so many new things, and so she set off to a land far away from her own comfort zone.
The girl found herself in China, […]

Brod & Wes’s Ethiopian Wedding | A gorgeous blend of cultures

What a gorgeous blend of cultures!
From the laid back groom from Oakley to the gorgeous Ethiopian bride. Even their bridal party was a rainbow of different cultures.
This wedding was one of the most enjoyable days of my life. The energy from everyone was simply electric – which I think […]

Thai & Kay’s Wedding Photography

This is a case of boy meets girl. They fall in love. Boy proposes. Girl says yes.

Wedding day. Boy is not allowed to see the bride until he eats a big plate of chilli salt and lemon with a whiskey chaser.

*insert sound of record scratching* Wait- what?

Although this story may […]