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Trung & Hai-Vy’s Vietnamese Wedding Tea Ceremony

We were honoured to be part of Trung & Hai-Vy’s wedding celebration. The wedding was split onto 2 days because there were just so much to fit within a day (it’s actually not uncommon for Vietnamese wedding here in Australia as there are many formalities required). The first day started […]

Anteneh & Tamsin’s Retro Wedding

This is a real life fairy tale that comes true. Anteneh & Tam’s wedding remains one of the most beautiful wedding that I have had the pleasure to photograph.

The Huns (it’s how they call each other, short for honey) had been in a love for as long as anyone can […]

Scott & Mina – Real Weddings | Luminare

Here’s a thing about a Chinese wedding, to claim his wife, the groom and his best men has to complete series of challenges set by the evil sisters (aka bridesmaids), when they arrive at the bride house that morning. You can’t get out of this. That, or you go home […]

Shui & Kath – Real Weddings Photography | Fitzroy Gardens

The bond shared between two people that have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together is unique and indescribable. There are definitely many memorable moments shared between two lovebirds. Unfortunately, there isn’t always a camera around to capture these beautiful moments.

It is truly an honor that Shui and […]

Sue & Joop’s Family Portrait Photography

Dayal turning 1 and his parents, Sue & Joop, wanted to have their family portrait captured and reserved these priceless memories of him being 1 year old. Having seen my work through a mutual friend, Sue contacted me to organize the shoot. They wanted something more natural than those posing […]

Jake & Anna’s Family Portrait

If there was one thing we absolutely love about shooting weddings, is that, we get to connect with these lovely couples even long after the wedding. Some eventually become friends. Some we hold dear in our heart. This is true for Jake & Anna. In 2013 we’ve had the honour […]

Jamie & Gia’s Surprise Wedding | Eynesbury Homestead

Jamie and Gia came to us pretty excited with this crazy idea of an “engagement party turned surprise wedding” and wanted to capture every moment, reaction from the guests when they found out. The plan was, while everyone busy and enjoy the party, Gia will sneak out to a rear […]

Marty & Kaye-Maree – A wedding celebration | El Coco

What can I say about Marty and Kaye-Maree? What an interesting couple is slightly understatement. Marty and Kaye got married in a beautiful forest of Sequoia National Park with the presence of, wait for it, nobody but a celebrant. That’s right, the two tied the knot without all the formality and […]