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Aaron & Beth’s Intimate Wedding | Phillip Island

It was the very first day of Summer when Aaron & Beth decided to take their bff status to the next level. Having grown up in the countryside, they both wanted a simple, low key wedding. So The Shearing Shed in Phillip Island was just the perfect venue for its […]

Andy & Linda | Melbourne Wedding Photographer

A little bit about Andy & Linda’s love story that inspire me so much. Fate does exist whether you believe or not and it brought Andy & Linda together like a fairy tale. Their story began many years ago at Footscray train station when they were both still a teenager. […]

Thomas & Linda’s Summerfields Estate Wedding Photography

The word “amazing” seems to be a little understated to describe Thomas and Linda’s wedding. In fact, it’s the only word that I could come up at the time of writing this article.

So sit back and enjoy the ride as it doesn’t get any better than this.

When we arrived at […]

Nathan & Hayley’s Wedding Photography | Werribee Mansion

Life might have different plan for you and taken you to different path. But when you hold true to each other, your path will cross once again and true love will be found.

This is a simple love story with a happy ever after ending. Nathan & Hayley’s wedding is a […]

Tony & Kristian’s Gay Wedding | Second Story Studios

“I’m sorry I didn’t turn out the way you wanted dad”, Tony said in his speech, “I didn’t become a doctor or lawyer”. That was unexpected and the crowd bursted out laughing. It was a hilarious speech. But others were just as good. Tony’s dad even sang a song to […]

Trung & Hai-Vy Wedding Photography | Abbotsford Convent Melbourne

This is the second part of Trung & Hai-Vy’s wedding. You may have seen their beautiful¬†Vietnamese traditional tea ceremony¬†which I had the pleasure to shoot the day before.

Forget about the latest blockbuster Avengers movie, this is the real thing. Your favourite character Iron Man is getting married, […]

Nick & Steph’s Wedding | Wilson Botanic Park

7 years into their relationship, it was an afternoon in April 2018 that Nick & Steph decided to settle down and call it a wedding. It started with a first look capture at the Yaldara Dr Reserve where Nick & the boys waiting patiently under a rather looking tree, while […]

Mike & Alita’s Beautiful Wedding | Woodland House

Mike & Alita chose Morell Bridge as their meeting point as it is their most favourite place to hang out in Melbourne. They wanted just a few photos at the bridge to remind themselves some good times they had while dating and weren’t planning on doing a first look capture.
Alita’s […]

David & Kindy’s Wedding Photography | Stones of the Yarra Valley

It has always been in my bucket list to shoot a wedding at this gorgeous venue, Stones of the Yarra Valley. For those who haven’t heard about it, it’s a winery located in the heart of Yarra Valley (Melbourne), as the name suggests. I strongly recommend you to visit […]